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A Tribe Called Kotori

Madmotormiquel – Bombo 12" Vinyl [Limited Unique Edition]

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Madmotormiquel – Bombo 12" Vinyl [Limited Unique Edition]

Up next on A Tribe Called Kotori, please welcome Berlin's very own Madmotormiquel - all set and ready to storm the house after several transmissions on an array of quality outlets. His maiden incursion on the label, "Bombo", will not only be released in digital shape as per usual for the rest of our catalogue, but also in 12" vinyl format - with the special and endearingly peculiar trait that each cover is hand-designed by Chrisse Kunst and Madmotormiquel himself, making these collectible one-off pieces of art to adorn your shelves with.

Opening cut and lead-single "Bombo" sets the wheels in motion at a slow and steady rate, progressively fleshing out its initially stripped-back funkiness with a polychromatic webwork of tribal rhythms, spectral synth murk and frizzling machine talk. The quirky "Kohiko" serves up a mischievous buffet of further syncopated moves and chirpy chimes pouring in cascades as a sturdy bass unfalteringly dictates the momentum.

Shifting the scope to no-nonsense floor-busting objectives in its first stages, "Timezone Chaser" slowly evolves from sheer DJ functionality to jazzed-up abstraction through perfectly inlaid superimpositions of processed clarinets, dubbed-out drums and an overall hazy sound design to satisfyingly lose yourself in. EP closer "Rodrigues" opts for a more jagged approach, as it fuses skittish snares and hats at the fore with deep and vaporous pad tapestries in the background, resulting in the kind of heavily FX-layered, acid-leaning sleepwalker that'll keep the dancers' legs in motion even though their eyes seem shuttered.

Includes 5 tracks as a high-quality download (in MP3, FLAC and more)